Timeless wardrobe

Our collections is composed of timeless pieces that seek simplicity and beauty in its daily dimension. We believe in creating luxury staples that are affordable, without compromising on integrity and quality. French based in Spain, we are focused on sustainable luxury with a high sense of effortless elegance.

Sustainable cashmere

We have a short production circuit with no middleman. We believe that clothing can be produced slowly, with very high quality standards and free of seasons at a honest price.


We aim to produce pieces that will last years to come. For this reason, we buy the finest and superior quality cashmere from Italian mills. Our Italian cashmere is fully traceable and  recycled, coming from luxury surplus productions.


Our cashmere handwoven stoles comes from Ladakh & Kashmir, which is the local superior quality produced in very small batches.

Local & ethical production

We believe in quality over quantity, in sustainability and ethical ways of working, valuing handmade craft and limited edition over mass-produced products.


Each piece is made with kindness and integrity from the highest-quality materials, and created locally by craftsmen throughout Spain, Italy or Kashmir. All share with us an eye for detail and a never-ending quest for excellence.


Wherever you are in the world, whichever continent you are on, the finest and superior raw materials and the best craftsmanship using ethical working practices come at a price.

Florenz sustainable cashmere knitwear

Conscious & thoughtful consumption

At Florenz we strive to dress our values and make it happen. We believe that sustainable fashion is to recognize there is people and human beings behind the clothes and the way we manufacture has an impact on the Nature.


We agree that clothes cannot change the world, but the people who wear them do.


We believe in an enlightened consciousness of consumption, the idea of consuming better and less, preserving our environment, reducing transport distances at the maximum, wasting and renewing collections.

Honest prices

In this digital age where we have limitless access to desired information, its very easy to consider if the product cost is justified or not.   Keeping this in mind we believe in honest pricing,  local production and ethical profiting.

What does this mean?


  • We believe that high quality and long lasting clothing are the real luxury.
  • We believe either that luxurious quality knitwear should be inclusive.  That is why we focus on producing elevated cashmere knits produced locally in Spain with Italian yarn at an honest price.

The Founder & designer

I am Florence, a french designer and an entrepreneur in my 40’s. After studying Fine Arts and photography, I moved to Iceland and Spain where I am now living in a mountain village with my family. 


Beginning my career in Graphic Design and photography, I am passionate about celebrating the multifaceted spirit of modern women.  I was keen to embark on my own entrepreneurial adventure in 2013.  I was interested in designing meaningful textiles in collaboration with artisans.