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Jenný Augustudóttir Kragesteen is an Faroense musician and artist living in Torshavn the capital of the Faroes Islands. Located in the Atlantic North, the Faroes are a place like no other on earth.


The highly changeable weather, raw basalt cliffs, grand moorlands plunging directly into the whipped ocean make the Faroes a unique place where to experience a sense of freedom, the wild and Nature eternal essence.


Originally from a philosophy background, Jenný studied in Denmark but went back to her roots in the Faroes, starting her music project Frum. Through music, pop songs and visuals, Jenný develops her own language to deepen her emotional and artistic self-knowledge.

Growing up so close to the breaking waves, the rawness of the mountains, the slow pace of life on the islands shaped her as well as her music that she defines as “Pop Nature”.


Could you describe how’s your own creative process for starting a new song or a new creative project? How do you write your songs?


It variates from song to song but it always starts with a feeling I have inside of me. Sometimes the text comes first. Sometime the melody comes first and sometimes both at the same time. And when the song starts to form I also tend to imagine the visuals.



What sort of things do you find inspiring? Where do you find them?


The nature is my biggest inspiration.

We have been deeply moved by the Faroes Islands, the smell and the color of the Ocean, the solitude and at the same time the closeness of the people, the presence of the Nature… We found a lot of creativity here…How is it to be an artist from the Faroes Islands and working from here? Does that inspire your work in someway?


Yes the Faroe Islands are really inspiring for me. I think it is because the nature is so dominating for how we can live our lives.



How did you start being interested in music? You have been studying philosophy in Denmark…so what led you to start composing music and singing?


I have been listening a lot of music. I have some memories from it. I was 3 – 4 years old and wrote my own songs. Both music and philosophy are liberating for me, but in different ways. Both are a way to explore myself and my surroundings. In music, I get to release my feelings and thoughts. And in reading philosophy i get to travel into different ways of seeing the world and our existence.

What’s the inspiration behind the songs “No Shape” and “Birdstone”?

For No Shapes I was inspired by “the early universe” where everything we are, can se and touch just was gases floating around in the universe. For Birdstone it is about my early twenties crise when I felt restless and didn’t know what to do with my life.

What does sustainability and ethics means for you?

Everything. Its really important for me to live a life where you are aware and that care of your surroundings.

What is your relationship with fashion?

It’s a ways to express and explore. And a really love how you can experiment with fashion.

What’s your favourite season to get dressed and your favorites pieces?

I like all the seasons. The changing weather gives you different ways to experiment with clothes.
Florenz cashmere knitwear · Meet the Faroese singer Frum
Florenz cashmere knitwear · Meet the Faroese musician Frum
Florenz cashmere knitwear in the Faroes
Florenz is talking with Frum · Cashmere sustainable knitwear

Florenz in a few words?

Thoughtful, soft and elegant.



What is your next creative step?

Getting the songs done for the album. What is something you are looking forward to? Releasing the album!



Is there other artists that inspire you? Could you name them?

Yes a lot! Grimes, Lykke Li, Bon Iver, James Blake, Lana Del Ray and I could go on.


What is the most inspiring place for you?

Being alone on a Island 🙂




Florenz sustainable knitwear · Ocean in the Faroes
Florenz sustainable knitwear · Musing with the artist Frum