Camille Freyssac

Woman with mystery, woman fully alive, discreet and at the same time deeply charismatic. Camille is this kind of woman it is difficult not to see. Present to herself and to the moment, engaged in an ongoing personal dialog which embraces nature and the wild through movement and dance.
Camille Freyssac is a french dancer. As many dancers, she started learning ballet at a very young age at Brive’s conservatory and later, pursued her formation in Paris. Upon her arrival to the french capital, she joined La Pléiade company. She collaborated with many other artists and musicians including Gaël Faye.
We celebrate our encounters near the Dordogne river with a this series of photographs. It is our tribute to our common origins and motherland.

Camille, who are you?

My name is Camille Freyssac. I am 28 years old but i feel younger recently. It is because i am in a moment of my life which makes me feel worried for my future. It is difficult for me to be in the present.

I was born in Brive which is located in Correze, in the South west of France. I grew up there with my twin sister Claire. We are both Gemini and full of contradictions, light and obscurity at the same time. My hair is brown, my eyes are blues. My skin is full of speckles with red imperfections.

About dancing

Dance is an ephemeral art. I love Dance because it is permanently unfinished. A movement can be always done better or differently. A single momentary-movement can be repeated again and again, modified indefinitely. I love the efforts of the muscles as well as to explore the articulation movement. I love the poetry of the dancer. One simple movement, a dégagé or a plié can move to tears depending how it is done. Whether it is dancing or writing, it always starts from what i live, feel and see.


My main main inspiration can be someone i miss, a landscape, a smell, a memory. My dance also talks about what is shut up. I dance to express my inner world, to celebrate freedom. My emotions shape my movements.

Camille freyssac dancing · Florenz cashmere knitwear

About Nature

Nature is important to me for not saying essential, necessary. Wether it’s the wind blowing in the trees, the paths, the smell of moss, mushrooms and forest, everything in the nature gives me serenity. Nature is also linked to my childhood, to my beloved grand-parents that took care of us. I love wild spaces where i feel free to scream, breathe, run and lie down on the ground. When i feel good, i always remember the large meadows of my grand-parents.
In nature there is no need for expensive cars, luxury clothing and make up. To watch the stars is free of cost. Nature gives me the possibility to fully embrace serene solitude. I enjoy it.

Your vision and mantra?

Be the creator and the actor of your life. Set goals. Travel, learn, create and explore. Stay open to what people say and to what happens around you.

Florenz in a few words?

Thoughtful, soft and elegant.
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About  your dreams

I dream of a house in the wild whereI raise my kids and host my family. I dream of continuing to live on my passion.

About Ethics

Ethics is to respect oneself as well as to be respectful of others. It is about being educated. It is staying informed about the world, about what we buy, from where it is coming from and under conditions is has been made. Ethics is knowledge.

About spirituality

Being faithful, having faith in yourself and in life. It is not arrogance to be confident in oneself. It’s about believing that you will always be able to adapt and survive the storms of your life.
I believe in destiny, in encounters, in mistakes that enlighten the path and make us grow. We are here to try. We should see life as a miracle, a lucky opportunity. It’s about tying to carry and keep the sun in oneself.

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