Sandra Bernardo

Sandra Bernardo is a Madrid-based Spanish artist, feminist, and musician. As a spring like no other in our lifetime begins, Sandra Bernardo’s music and lyrics take us to beaches, to the Caribbean and Balearic Islands for a sunset as we go. Her songs have the smell of the magnolias and the salty taste of the mediterranean sea.


We encounter the simple joys of life, the happiness, the femininity and delightful fruits on the way. It all feels like an endless summer. Sandra’s voice and rhythms are also a balm for the soul right now, sunny, wide-open that invite us to dance with her.


She is more likely to define herself by her “ passion for life” this creative woman that studied theatre, interpretation as well as personal development and coaching always has been writing music, dancing and singing.


Years later, she has lived with aboriginal women in Australia and this is where she found the inspiration to create her own Women retreats and circles. .


About Inspiration


“I am inspired by beauty in small things, by living the bohemian life and by positivity . Nature, a sunset, the sea, and the Balearic Islands inspire me as well as spaces designed and decorated with simplicity and taste. I am also strongly inspired by independent and free women that run their life by their own rules but also by warm and empathic men with a strong sense of humour.

I used to be inspired by people with growing souls. At an everyday level, I am inspired by what I enjoy: tasty and healthy food shared with good friends, the caress of a lover…

I feel also inspired by those who have been challenged by life and also by wise women over 60 years that fully accept their limitations as well as sharing their life experience..”

About time

Time “Time is passing by and for the first time in a long time, in these uncertain times, I have lost the feeling of being the one who arrives late everywhere, who runs to all her appointments constantly. This feeling of always running is exhausting. The world is now at a stop and me with it. Everything is at a standstill and I fully appreciate the importance of simple things like walking barefoot, touching the ground, cultivating a vegetable garden…


About positivity

“I am trying with my music to share what I am calling for myself and my life. As everyone, I am not always happy neither positive in my everyday life, but when it happens, I just stop, breathe deeply and go back to the habits that make me feel better and more grounded: wake up everyday at the same hour, meditate, exercise, eating fresh food help me to be grounded and be in-balance. “

About ethics

“For me ethics are to live being honest and responsible. It’s to be engaged in building a caring life for myself and for others. It’s being in balance and in harmony with others. Being happy, respectful and tolerant as an individual and a collective is the aim.“

About sustainability

“Sustainability for me is about the ability to deliver a better and cleaner world to the next generations. It’s about using energies and natural resources wisely and responsibly. It is our duty to be responsable as individuals and as a collective in order to make the world a sustainable place.“

About creative process

“First I try to figure out what I want to share, what I feel inside me. From this connection to my inner world, I start to imagine, write the lyrics and work on the music concept.“

About freedom

“For me freedom is about being in harmony with my toughts, my acts and what I say. It’s about being free of blockages, feeling in harmony with myself and others, those I love and that surround me.“

About singing and dancing

“I write my own lyrics, compose the music and sing my songs. All of them bring a message that come from my soul. Movement and dancing are also part of my life. I have always danced. When I studied theatre and interpretation, dancing was part of my daily routine and work out, but I think it’s something natural for me. It’s another way for me to express myself.“

Sorority and women retreat

“As well as gathering and communing in nature, Women circles and retreats are completely natural. For centuries, women have been coming together to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through conversation and shared experiences.

I have facilitated women’s circles and retreats for years and during a weekend we created a safe space for visualization, meditation, conscious movement exercises, creative yoga and relaxation. It is also an opportunity to meet with others to share the wisdom of experience and talk about organic food.

It never has been so important to create gathering and communing spaces that help women to nurture their soul, be closer to nature, and empower them. A retreat is also very different to a dinner or hanging out with mates and friends. A retreat comes with setting a purpose . We work with our individual and collective energies, engaging with the energy of sisterhood.“

Arbolé, arbolé
seco y verdé.

La niña del bello rostro
está cogiendo aceituna.
El viento, galán de torres,
a prende por la cintura.

Federico García Lorca