Florenz’s brand was born from a trip to India and walking along the Route de Santiago with the simple goal of creating  luxury shawls and garments that celebrates the versatility of craftsmanship at a fair-price and placing exceptionally talented artisans at the heart of her vision.

The designer 

I am Florence, a french designer and an entrepreneur in my 40’s. After studying Fine Arts,  living in Iceland and Madrid,  I am now living in a Spanish mountain village with my family. 

After working in advertisements agencies as artistic director for years, I was keen to embark on my own entrepreneurial adventure in 2012.  I was interested in designing meaningful products in collaboration with artisans using ancestral techniques.  

I am lucky to work in an inspiring sector and to be surrounded by talented people who share the same convictions and ideals as I do. I find it very exciting to dress people in a way that preserves our beautiful planet and respects the people making it! I hope this adventure will keep growing (without getting too big, as I am keen to keep it at a human scale) and who knows be taken over by one of my kids