Italian Cashmere


Recycled premium cashmere from Italy


We aim to prove that it is possible to create luxurious products without causing unnecessary harm to the planet. That’s the reason why our knitwear yarns are coming from premium Italian mills that works with luxury established brands.

By creating beautiful knitwear from reengineered cashmere, we’re redefining waste and showing that a different system is possible. We works to make fashion circular.


Transparency and ethical breeding

We are collaborating with mills that guaranty ethical breeding and produce a superior quality of recycled cashmere. They combines quality with responsibility in all process and product aspects, being respectful of the animal welfare.



We work with naturally sourced fibers for all our materials. It is very important for us that our fabrics are responsibly sourced and come from ethical and environmentally certified suppliers.
While not all products have regulations and certifications, we are continually striving to work with suppliers who can provide transparency on their operations and chain of supply.
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Our Knitwear cashmere & wool certifications

Recycled cashmere from Florenz

Global Recycled Standard GRS

Materials are verified to meet the ISO definition of recycled. Both pre-consumer and post-consumer material is accepted. Read more about it


Responsible Wool Standard

The Responsible Wool Standard is a voluntary standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on. Read more.